Stop Corruption

Our politics have become broken. It's time to stop the corruption and fight for the people of West Virginia, not the special interests


Corruption in West Virginia politics is not a new issue, but it is one our state must address immediately. The integrity of our highest court has been marred by charges of fraud and lying. Cindy will stand up to those who use their political power to bully and seek personal gain. She will call out those who are irresponsible with their budgets. 

Clean Elections

Cindy knows many in Charleston vote against the interests of their constituents and in support of the industries who fund their campaigns. She encourages all West Virginia voters to visit to learn which corporate interests are funding the campaigns of which candidates. 

Cindy vows to accept campaign contributions only from individuals and organizations that support working families. She refuses donations from corporate interests. Cindy believes wealth and connections shouldn’t be prerequisites for a successful campaign.