Small Business

We need our true small business to not just survive, but actually thrive


As a small business owner, Cindy knows how hard it can be to get by. She and her husband Mark couldn't have succeeded without the support of their family, faith and community. In turn, they work hard to support other small businesses.

As a state, we should all be supporting small businesses and making it possible for shopkeepers, farmers, hairdressers, barbers and restaurant owners to not just survive, but to thrive on West Virginia's Main Streets.

Our representatives in Charleston seem to be constantly pushing for smaller government and the privatization of businesses. That sounds great, but Cindy wants to make sure that West Virginia's small businesses are supported and protected in the same way the larger corporations are.

Small businesses make up the bedrock, and the heart, of our economy. We need to support them on a community and state level.
— Cindy Lavender-Bowe