Seniors & Veterans

We have to take care of our veterans and our seniors and address their struggles head-on


If you are ever lucky enough to meet Cindy’s parents, she’ll whisper a warning beforehand: “Don’t cuss in front of my dad.” Cindy loves her parents. She respects her elders and she believes veterans like her dad deserve our gratitude. Unfortunately, if you look at the budget line items our legislature is most willing to cut, West Virginia is not respecting its seniors or its veterans. To Cindy, we’re basically cussing in front of her dad, and she won’t have that. 


West Virginia’s struggles are felt most acutely by its senior population. Thousands of older West Virginians are raising their grandchildren in response to the opioid epidemic devastating an entire generation. Other seniors are living out their later years without family nearby because working-age people are forced to leave the state for better opportunities. To add insult to an already difficult situation, West Virginia is one of thirteen states that tax social security income, and one of only 3 states that offers no exemption for Social Security. Cindy will fight to end the tax on Social Security income. 

Cindy will also protect important programs like Meals on Wheels that fill the gaps for many of West Virginia’s isolated seniors. 


Cindy believes honoring our veterans means taking care of them once they come home. Veterans deserve access to the highest quality health care, especially mental health care.