Affordable HEalthcare

Protecting our Children's Health is more important than ever


Cindy believes affordable healthcare is a non-partisan issue. She believes all West Virginians deserve access to affordable healthcare, and she is passionate about ensuring everyone can afford the care they need. 


Cindy will fight for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in West Virginia. She will stand up against those who would decrease funding to this vital program that protects the health of our most vulnerable citizens. She understands that children who have access to basic healthcare like check-ups, immunizations and dental care live happier lives, perform better in school, and grow up to contribute to their communities. 


When West Virginia teachers made national news by staging a state-wide walk out demanding the legislature fix the underfunded Public Employee Insurance Agency (PEIA), Cindy was there. She stood alongside former teaching colleagues and her son’s teachers to fight for better pay. The Governor has assigned a task force to study PEIA, but state employees’ health care worries are not over yet. Cindy vows to stay in the fight until PEIA is fixed for all of West Virginia’s state employees.