Fight for Working Families

Over 25% of West Virginia working families make less than a living wage. That needs to change


Earned Income Tax Credit

Cindy supports the creation of an Earned Income Tax Credit to help low wage earners keep more of their money, so they can afford necessities such as child care and transportation. The EITC would positively impact more than 3,400 children in district 42 alone, putting an average of $332 back in their parents’ pockets. 


Cindy is endorsed by the AFL-CIO and believes a united workforce is a strong workforce. 

Living Wage

The current minimum wage in West Virginia is $8.75, but according to the Living Wage Calculator developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the living wage for a single adult living in West Virginia is $10.75. If there is a child in the household, the wage necessary to live increases to $22.06. Almost a quarter of West Virginia’s workers earn less than a living wage. 

Cindy believes all workers deserve to earn a living wage. She will fight to increase West Virginia’s minimum wage.